OER: scenari e tendenze internazionali

OER: scenari e tendenze internazionali

OER  Unesco

Education Scholarship Global Observatory (ERGO)
As a signatory to the Budapest Open Access Initiative, the ERGO is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of open access (“free to read”) scholarship in education.

MIT OpenCourseWare’s First 10 Years: 100 Million Served
On April 4, 2001, MIT announced it would publish educational materials from all of its courses freely and openly on the Internet. Ten years later, OCW has shared materials from more than 2000 courses with an estimated 100 million individuals worldwide. Join us in celebrating the 10th anniversary of this groundbreaking effort.
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Dalle risorse didattiche aperte alle pratiche didattiche aperte

Diffusione e adozione di OER

Un sondaggio di esperti sugli ostacoli e gli stimoli per le pratiche didattiche aperte

Incoraggiare le pratiche didattiche aperte

Ostacoli e stimoli per l’uso delle OER nelle scuole

Formazione di comunità di pratiche per favorire l’istruzione aperta

Tools to enable Open Educational Practices

Open Education: Changing Educational Practices

Open Educational Practices support innovation in learning

On the Sustainaility of OER Initiatives in Higher Education (CERI-OECD)

Open Educational Resources: A Short Bibliography (University of Leicester)