HIHTAST – Hand in Hand for a Social Tomorrow


progetto hihtast


The project will enable different organizations from different countries and cultures in the EU to share best practices, expertise and experience in supporting elderly senior citizens to face challenges  brought about by online technology .  The partner organizations will collaborate to develop  an effective model and a methodology to equip elderly senior citizens with the skills needed to use online technology enabling them to  become active online and to take advantage of the benefits of the online technology. Since a lot of elderly seniors are physically impaired (tremor, bad view, coordination,…) special attention will be paid to the handling of hardware as such.  The elderly senior citizens will be provided with training which will enable them to operate a PC or a MAC, use the internet and other relevant software such as communication software (Skype, Facebook, etc). A peer to peer network locally, nationally and internationally amongst elderly people will be established and this network of elderly peers will provide training and support to other elderly people who need it. This network will also be an avenue for elderly senior people in the EU to share experiences, connect with each other and learn new cultures, reducing isolation amongst certain groups of people.