The project for a common European Masters degree was among the first steps towards creating the conditions necessary for the development of an integrated ITT (Initial Teacher Training) within the Union, independent of national considerations and constraints. It created a platform of debate about European Teacher profile, through a bottom-up approach with participation of representatives from secondary and higher education, about the type of initial education that European teachers should receive. Furthermore, the project developed the professional profile and necessary competences to be recognized as part of an European teaching profession.

The most important aim of the project was hence to introduce a European dimension into the ITT, making use of the opportunities caused by the transformations involved in implementing the Bologna process. As a result, one of the objectives was to promote the recognition of degrees in the field of education, finding solutions to the problems caused by the national rules and administrations as well as by the differences of practices and systems.

In order to reach this goal, the project first proposes a comparative analysis related to the changes which are under way in teacher training and school systems.

Next, we shall define a common thread or curriculum of studies that takes into account not only common core components of ITT programs across Europe’s multiple systems, but also integrates the problems encountered by teaching and training professionals as they implement their daily activities.

The common curriculum, along with the minimum period of one semester spent in a partner institution, will ensure greater transparency and diploma compatibility, guaranteeing its mutual recognition while not excluding specific national characteristics.

Final Report