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“Chemistry for sustainable development” aims to support the growth of matriculated and registered students of chemistry sciences degrees and direct the academical course of university students of scientific faculties (Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering..) towards environmental application sectors carrying out an integrated system of orientative actions able to:

  • Pinpoint the emerging professionals profiles in the sustainable chemistry sector, in order to improve the connection between the training offer and the professional competences needed in the world market.

  • Sensitize youth completing secondary education towards the problems of environmental impacts and the potential chances offered from sustainable chemistry.

  • Enhance trainers role (teachers of higher education) in the circulation of knowledge about the most innovative issues on chemistry sector, starting from highschools education, through supporting students in choosing innovative degrees on chemistry sciences.

  • Direct university students in choosing their own academical studies according to the new job opportunities in the sustainable chemistry field both in the industrial system and in the public/private sector.

  • Allow exchanges, on international level, in order to transfer best practice in sustainable chemistry teaching through the explotation and the use of methodologies and interactive tools.

  • Define a cooperative model between university and academic/education system to set permanently and to transfer in other local contexts, in order to create joint initiatives for the circulation of chemistry sciences.

The online training of trainers is held by both academical and economical experts, is supplied by Univirtual Website and it lasts nine weeks.